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Ohio Native Mindy Kay Smith earned her Bachelors Degree in Music Education and Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Ohio University, where she was an active participant in the Marching 110. She later earned a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance/ Music Theatre from NYU, and has been teaching performing arts in the greater NYC area for 14 years. When she’s not hanging with her husband and kiddo in Greenwich, Mindy can be found giving piano and voice lessons, providing direction and musical direction for youth theatre productions, and performing as an actor and singer. She is also an Artist in Residence with the New York Children’s Theatre. Additionally, Mindy is the writer behind Thoroughly Modern Mommy, specializing in topics related to adoption, parenting, and mental health.

Private Lessons

Miss Mindy offers private lessons in both Piano and Voice. She has students of all ages and levels, from young children just starting out, to students who have leading roles on Broadway. No matter your experience, Miss Mindy can help, and chances are, you will have fun in the process.

But Wait....There's More!


Last Year, Mindy began a program to offer a real Music Theater experience for children of all levels. Momentum Kids offers theater camps and classes throughout the year. Students focus on developing acting and singing skills as well as how to create and participate in Music Theater performances. Classes are inclusive for students of all levels and needs. Miss Mindy strongly believes that any child who has interest in performing arts should have the opportunity. Special adaptations can be made to accommodate the needs of your child.


Whether you need background music for a afternoon tea, or are having a birthday party for a bunch of kids, Miss Mindy provides a wide array of options for private gatherings. Each party is uniquely designed for your wishes. 


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